It Began in a Backyard

    TwentyWonder has its roots in a quasi-annual geek-chic party called Superball. The impresario of Superball's characteristic oddities was Jim Hodgson—artist, comedian, and connoisseur thereof—with the help of his brother Joel Hodgson, creator of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Superball grew from an informal get-together in Jim’s backyard into an invitation-only, word-of-mouth event that attracted entertainment industry friends, performers, writers, artists, and celebrities. Those wild happenings that went down in the Valley every few years are still remembered with a knowing smile by former Superballers.

    "It's a strange party; there's a lot going on." —Bret McKenzie, Flight of the Conchords

    Along Came Henry Hodgson, and TwentyWonder was Born

    Jim’s experiences with his son Henry, a child with trisomy twenty-one (Down Syndrome), inspired him to turn the Superball party into a public charity he dubbed TwentyWonder. The first TwentyWonder was held in Culver City and featured many of the same Los Angeles luminaries and undergroundaries who had participated in Superball. Unlike most summer festivals, all of TwentyWonder’s performers donated their time, allowing all the proceeds to go to our beneficiary, the Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles (DSALA). That tradition of asking all contributors to donate their performances continues to distinguish TwentyWonder.

    Finding a Home in Echo Park

    Like a good television show, we hit our stride in the second year. Los Angeles Derby Dolls' co-founder, Rebecca “Demolicious” Ninburg, offered us a home in Echo Park. The open space of the Derby Doll Factory allowed TwentyWonder to morph into its signature free-flowing mash-up. Since then we've continued to grow, with fans all over the city and praise from the LA Times and LA Weekly.

    Superball founder Jim Hodgson, who is now full-time Director of the DSALA, continues to curate the event with the help of a devoted group of volunteers and the amazing Derby Dolls. Putting on this event is our favorite thing to do each year. There's just something special about the moment when the doors open and you hear TwentyWonderers telling stories about what happened last time they were here and speculating on what craziness is going to happen this time.

    The Future!

    We’re looking forward to bringing you a whole new Carnival of the Mind. The event date, along with the latest TwentyWonder news, will be announced on our Facebook page and our Twitter feed.